VideoScreen 4Plus

VideoScreen 4Plus is a suite of tools used to create Hybrid models of Video Devices (single-area and blended projection screens, televisions, and LED arrays).

 Key tool features:

• Model elements can be easily defined and reconfigured through Vectorworks' Object Info Palette and user-friendly dialogs.

• Screen or array images are easily changed.

• All of the tools track weights in kg and U.S. lb.

• Projectors are placed based on screen size and lens ratings -or- screen size and projection distance.  Screen and projector aspects can be independent of one-another.

• A “Coverage Zone” feature aids in the sizing and placing of screens and televisions.

• The blended-screen creates both flat and curved screens and tool determines projector spacing, places projectors, and provides related "feedback" information.

• Folding legs and dress kits, tripods, and roll-up and roll-down cases get created on-the-fly.

• "Tube," "Tile," and "Dome" LED arrays are easily created.

• A plethora of information can be tracked for use in Reports and Worksheets and on drawings.

• Object parts can be automatically assigned to Classes, allowing users to control element visibility.

VideoScreen 4Plus

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015

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