Spotlight Plug-in for grandMA 2

MA Lighting’s Spotlight plug-in for grandMA 2 consoles enables lighting designers and console programmers to export lighting instrument data created in Vectorworks Spotlight, and then import that data into MA 2’s 3D visualizer and patch for pre-visualization and pre-programming work.  By using this plug-in, you can transfer the patch work and plot together, significantly reducing time to cue a show.  Some of other the features that support the seamless transfer of show files between Spotlight and grandMA 2 include:

  • The device locations in Vectorworks carry over to MA3D and Stage view environment in grandMA 2
  • Patch, fixture/channel numbers, gel color, and many other Vectorworks fields are converted to grandMA 2 console fields
  • Vectorworks symbols are converted to MA fixture profiles and MA3D fixture objects
  • Updates only need to be done in Vectorworks. User can quickly export the updated information into grandMA 2

The plug-in is available to download for free for Spotlight users that own grandMA 2 consoles.  If you are located in the US or Canada and want to download or have a question about plug-in, please contact ACT Lighting.  For all other inquires located outside North America, please contact MA Lighting.

Spotlight Plug-in for grandMA 2

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2015 2014

  • Designer
  • Spotlight

Company: MA Lighting

Telephone: +49 52 51 68 88 65 10




Plug-in is available to download for Free.