Ribbon Tools

The Ribbon Tools are two plug-ins used for drawing closed double-line polygons each in a variety of ways. 

With the Ribbon by Dimensions object, you can define geometry by giving the number of segments, their length, and relative orientation to the previous segment.  You can also define which segment and the position of this segment is the insertion point.

The Ribbon by Path object is drawn like a normal polygon object.  You can modify it like a polygon by moving, adding or deleting vertices.

For both tools, you can define thickness, inner radius, and the offset direction.  They can be in 2D as a polyline and as a 3D extrude where you can set the bottom z and height or you can get the unfolded surface with the fold axis and radius limit drawn.

As a 3D object you can make all volume operations like an extrude enabling you to modify the object afterward.

You can use these tools for variety of applications ranging from design of counter tops to a 3D representation of HVAC ducts, piping, and walls with rounded corners or folded profiles.

The Ribbon Tools are available for English, French and German localized versions of Vectorworks software.

Ribbon Tools

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2015 2014

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