Revizto is a real-time, 3D model-based issue tracking software for AEC teams that brings ease-of-use and precision to collaboration and BIM project coordination.

The simple yet powerful Revizto Issue Tracker is a cloud-based single source-of-truth platform for managing all BIM project activities in real-time. The issues created in Revizto reside within the X, Y, Z coordinates and not on a single sheet or model which provides an intelligent connection across multiple views and platforms.

Revizto adds a new dimension to BIM that enables teams to have a multidimensional issue tracking and coordination hub, instantly allowing project members to communicate accountability and address challenges in real-time through the whole project lifecycle, to include project inception, design, construction, and operation.
Revizto allows you to:
•                     Bring a BIM project from Vectorworks into a navigable 3D. Export 2D sheets and view 2D overlay on 3D.
•                     Bring teams and workflows together for effortless collaboration, seamlessly connecting office to the field in real-time.
•                     Minimize costly errors and rework in the field.
•                     Substantially reduce the amount of RFI’s on your project.
•                     Improve the overall efficiency and safety of the building.


Compatibility: Windows; Vectorworks 2020 2019

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Company: Vizerra SA

Telephone: +41 21 588 0125



Price: Package 10 users - $500 per user per year
Package 20 users - $400 per user per year