Panel Wizard

Panel Wizard is a multipurpose plug-in tool that enables you to quickly insert lines, circles, rectangles and/or symbols in a parametric sequence. You can set two different sequences and how they will be inserted together.  Sequences are made out of letters with a parametric, value or calculated dimensions.  Simply, draw a line; define a sequence, and the number of repetitions of the sequences.  A second sequence can also be inserted at the beginning, in between, or at the end.  If you have a few calculated spaces, they will get the dimensions needed to fill the line you draw.

This tool is useful for creating the layout of a presentation sheet, grids, fences, panels, hole patterns and much more.  It can also be rotated in 3D.

The Panel Wizard plug-in tool is available for English, French and German localized versions of Vectorworks software.

Panel Wizard

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2015 2014

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Company: Plugins-lab, Jean Baptiste Trystram

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