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Vectorworks University Just Keeps Getting Better

Vectorworks University, the premier learning platform for designers at any skill level, just got better. We are committed to excellence with our software and are extending that same commitment to our software education. The new features and performance improvements are all about providing you with more skills.

Start on the Path to Vectorworks Certification

The goal for Vectorworks University is to provide you a holistic learning experience, from the time you first open the program to when you’ve mastered your workflows. And Vectorworks University is about to do a lot more than just provide training, we’re adding a Vectorworks Certification Program to help define your learning path and show off all your newly gained skills. 

Benefits of a Vectorworks Certification
  • The new program sets you up with the ability to earn essential certifications in multiple industries, all endorsed by our leading experts. 
  • Vectorworks certifications demonstrate knowledge and are useful, whether you’re a beginner or pro. 
  • You can earn badges as you progress toward certifications. This motivating gamification system is icing on the cake. 
  • Unique learning paths will also be introduced with this roll-out of new features, further supporting the focus on Vectorworks Certifications.

This initial release, including the badging system and learning paths, became available for all English-speaking users on June 4. You can begin working toward basic and core certifications in Vectorworks Fundamentals, Architect, Spotlight, and Landmark. Stay on the lookout for more announcements regarding this program, as advanced and localized certifications will be the next additions to arrive in the University. 

Check out our certifications page

Customize Your Vectorworks University Experience

Along with our new certification program, Vectorworks University is receiving major performance upgrades to make your learning experience even easier.


The “Load More” button has been removed to allow for continuous exploration of all of the content in Vectorworks University. And with an improved filtering system, which now includes filter by language and other options, coupled with enhanced search capabilities, you'll have a significantly more personal experience.

Every designer’s path to pro is different, and now our learning dashboard reflects that.

With a focus on supporting your learning journey and customization, these updates make Vectorworks University the go-to platform to honing your skills. Whether you’re starting from the beginning with your first class, or eagerly awaiting our upcoming advanced certifications, check out the new Vectorworks University. We think you’ll like what we’ve done with the place.    

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