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Vectorworks Tutorial Series | Beginning in Vectorworks

Are you new to Vectorworks and its robust design features? Well, there are several great resources at your disposal! There’s our blog, Planet Vectorworks, which features industry updates, tech tips, and all things Vectorworks. READ: Breaking Down the Vectorworks UI for Beginners You also have access to Vectorworks University. Here, you’ll find videos and courses that can expand your skills, perfect your workflows, and optimize your software for your creative process. In this tutorial series, you’ll find three pieces of content that will put you well on your way to becoming a master of Vectorworks. The content will cover the following topics:
  • User interface, mouse interaction, and document organization in Vectorworks
  • 2D and 3D modeling in Vectorworks
  • Vectorworks at its most minimalistic for focused design
Read on to begin your Vectorworks journey.
User Interface, Mouse Interaction, and Document Organization in Vectorworks
The course below, titled “The Basics,” is a great place to start once you’ve downloaded Vectorworks. This guide will walk you through the overall user interface, mouse interaction, and document organization. It will also introduce you to the basic use of tools and commands in the software. You’ll become familiar with many of the basic conventions used in all Vectorworks products. Click the link below, and let the learning begin! Watch: The Basics
2D and 3D Modeling in Vectorworks
In this course, you’ll be introduced to core modeling concepts in Vectorworks. Starting with key 2D drafting techniques, you’ll learn how to create and manipulate 2D forms. Then, you’ll witness the power of Vectorworks’ hybrid drawing environment by exploring fundamental 3D modeling workflows. Click the link below to check out the course. Watch: Free-form Modeling
Vectorworks at Its Most Minimalistic for Focused Design
The architects at GASA, one of Norway's leading firms for sustainable architecture, believe it’s important to stay focused on the core of their profession: designing inspiring and well-functioning environments for everyday life. Find out how the team at GASA creates robust concepts by simplifying the organization and management of their Vectorworks files. Watch: Vectorworks at its Most Minimalistic
Get Certified!
Find tutorials and classes, like the ones in this blog, at Vectorworks University and work your way towards certifications that prove your skills!