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Vectorworks at 2021 AIA Conference

If you’re like us, the American Institute of Architecture Conference is always a highlight of your year. Each conference provides new opportunities to learn, receive industry updates, and network — all in the name of growing as a designer.

We are beyond excited to announce our participation in this year’s AIA Conference! Learn more about this year's sessions we will be participating in: 

Design-centric BIM Modeling with Vectorworks Architect

Vectorworks Architect is an award-winning BIM software solution that allows you to sketch, model, and document any size project from concept to completion. From initial sketch to coordinating full-scale construction plans, Vectorworks brings efficiency to workflows and data-rich insights to the full design process.

Join Luis M. Ruiz, senior architect product specialist, to discover how you can sketch, draw, and model in a fully integrated BIM workflow using only Vectorworks Architect's tools—from parametric objects and custom 3D modeling to presentation, rendering, and documentation.


Amplify Change: Designers as Sounding Boards

"Design thinking can be applied to everyday activism. As creative problem solvers, we catalyze change by improving the environments where people live, work, and play," says Eastlake Studio. "We can extend this momentum beyond billable work to volunteer activities that promote social justice."

The studio goes on to say, "This session will reveal how you can leverage resources and apply professional skills in the context of community engagement. Using Eastlake Studio's Sounding Boards as a case study, the discussion will explore how individual designers and firms can amplify change using the tools of our trade."

Additional Support

We will be available via our company page presence on all days of the conference — July 8, July 29, and August 19.

Also, when you attend AIA events, you can be eligible for continuing education units. Whether an experienced architect, a new designer, or even a student, the 2021 AIA Conference is another great opportunity to grow in your craft.