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Using Curves As Tools for Algorithms-aided Design

This Marionette Monday, we’re sharing a downloadable object that enables smoother designing of complex curved objects.

If you’ve used Grasshopper for algorithmic design, the object we’re sharing functions similarly to the Graph Mapper component, which also generates values from the shape of a curve. Our object, called a curve map wrapper, is an intuitive way to use curves to scale, shape, or modify geometry.

The curve map wrapper will read the shape of a curve and transform it into a range of values, which can be used in a variety of ways. Reshaping the curve allows you to visually edit these values, and inside a Marionette script, the possible uses and permutations of a list of values are endless. Because you define the limits of this range, you can control the degree to which the shape of the curve can affect the shape of your design.

What Is a Wrapper?

 Other than a package for your favorite candy, a wrapper in algorithmic design terms is a collection of nodes packaged into another larger node. Wrappers are great for packaging networks or portions of networks for future use.

Wrappers function just as a non-wrapper node would. Create one and save it to your personal content library and it can be used as part of a Marionette network in any project.

How to Use the Curve Map Wrapper

 Once you’ve downloaded the file, import the wrapper into your current file via the Resource Manager or save it to your Favorites. Once you have it, it’ll function as any other node does in Marionette. Incorporate it into your script along with a referenced NURBS curve and you’re ready to go!

Screenshot of design softwareHere’s the link where you can get the file. Be sure to share your creations to the Community Forum!