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Landscape architects increasingly feel pressured to integrate BIM into their workflows to maintain ownership of the entire design and build process. This transition seems daunting, perhaps even unachievable, but several firms are up for the task. scape-1 Since 2001, scape Landschaftsarchitekten has brought their vision of facilitating the development of various “scapes” — landscapes, urbanscapes, waterscapes, streetscapes, lightscapes, etc. — into a feasible reality. Through coordination and collaboration with urban planners, architects, ecologists, and communication designers, the firm strives to produce high-quality designs using effective project management methods. The Viega Group, an internationally-known manufacturer of plumbing and HVAC technology, hired scape Landschaftsarchitekten to design and build the landscape architecture for their new seminar center. Seeing this as an opportunity to integrate an open BIM workflow with their landscape architecture expertise, scape Landschaftsarchitekten emerged as a BIM pioneer with the help of Vectorworks Landmark.
See how you can implement BIM in Landscape Architecture.