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In 2015, the architecture firm Hamonic+Masson & Associés won a competition to design the Villanova Icône project, an urban apartment building in France, for French property developer Nexity.    


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This award-winning firm was founded in 1997 and is expanding internationally. A leader in the European architecture scene, Hamonic+Masson works with public and private owners to create all types of projects, including housing, public equipment, business real estate, infrastructure, and more.


Their Villanova Icône building is located at the junction of three different urban settings just northwest of Paris in the town of Gennevilliers: the Agnettes sector, the Chandon-République eco-district, and the Calmette sector.

The design team was challenged to create a building with complex morphology. The project has many exterior balconies and terrace spaces, and using Vectorworks helped them manage the interior and exterior passages in detailed drawings. “The principle of layers allows us to easily change between interior, exterior, and isolated spaces,” said Gaëlle Hamonic, founding partner. “Vectorworks facilitates the conception and completion of complex projects. It is efficient and functions well with our architectural style and our concept development.”

A landscaped garden at the heart of the building’s ground floor blends in with the surroundings, an important factor in the design, as the building is located within an eco-friendly district. The ground level contains shops, porches, and hallways that add a richness to the pedestrian level, while the apartments are situated in a fanned-out array, giving the 17-story building a distinctive look while adding architectural richness to the façades.  

The team of engineers, landscape designers, economists, and construction contractors have worked hard to ensure the success of the project. The building is currently under construction and will be finished in early 2020.

The Villanova Icône design is featured in the launch of Vectorworks 2019. Learn more about the exceptional quality and performance in the newest release of our software today.