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The Vectorworks Cloud Services web portal was created in 2011, and its user interface and functions have never been significantly updated, until now. You asked, we listened, and now the Cloud Services web portal is better than ever. These upgrades can be enjoyed through the use of Vectorworks 2018, which launched last week. The main webpage and all its dialog boxes are re-implemented to address functional deficits, improve user experience, and add new features.

Now not only is Vectorworks Cloud Services integrated with Dropbox, but with Google Drive as well. If you use Google Drive as your primary storage, you can take advantage of Vectorworks applications and services without changing your regular workflow.


DropBox photo1
Vectorworks Cloud Services now has integration with Dropbox and Google Drive.


Some other features being integrated into this web portal renovation include a responsive layout that automatically resizes for your different devices, drag and drop uploads, and uploads of multiple files. You’ll also enjoy better file organization, an easier-to-use sharing interface, and improved 3D models of your files on the cloud, using the same 3D web view functionality available in Vectorworks.

We’re also excited to announce the rendered panorama feature, available in Vectorworks 2018, which allows you to provide clients with a 360-degree interactive view of your model. If you’re a Vectorworks Service Select member, you can generate rendered panoramas on the cloud instead of tying up your local computer.


RenderedPanorama photo2
A glimpse of the new rendered panorama feature. 

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