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Say hello to more efficiency with image effects in Vectorworks 2019. With this update, you’ll spend less time exporting your designs to a separate editing program.  

A huge part of Vectorworks 2019 is quality, and as we searched for a way to make the user experience even better, we took a look at common usage patterns and created a feature to save users time in multiple ways. So, we’ve added the ability to easily create concept layouts with image effects. This feature allows you to a take an image or rendered viewport in your drawing and instantly apply various color- and light-balancing options. You can even create and save effects and use the eyedropper tool to place them on different images.

To get the full scoop, watch the video below:



“You can now easily develop your own creative styles and make more compelling presentations with the new image effects features without ever leaving Vectorworks or using image editing software,” said Jonathan Reeves, director at Jonathan Reeves Architecture.

Excited about this new feature? Join us this Thursday on Facebook for a live Q&A session. Submit your questions in advance on our forum or our Facebook post.

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