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If you caught our second Facebook Live Q&A, you’ll recall quality and usability as being the two words Steve Johnson, vice president of product development, used to describe the mindset when it came to Vectorworks 2019 updates. Today’s feature encompasses both.

In Vectorworks 2019, we are introducing 2D components for hybrid objects. How does this differ from the 2D objects that currently exist for hybrid objects? To begin with, in Vectorworks 2018 and previous versions, there was a 3D component for hybrid objects and a 2D top-view component for hybrid objects. Now, we’ve expanded the 2D components to include top, bottom, front, back, left, and right views. This means you’re in complete control of the detail level your symbols and plug-in objects display. Of course, that is just the beginning of this new feature. It also includes three levels of detail for each component, which allows for tight control over the appearance of hybrid objects at any scale. Watch the video below for a full breakdown and details of what’s to come. 



“I’m enjoying this feature the more I use it,” said Tui Walker Kamakorewa, architectural designer at CBA Design Ltd. “For example, I was working on an apartment block that had many toilets showing up on a larger scaled drawing in sectioned view. Replacing the symbols’ 3D geometry with the 2D side component 2D objects made the update of viewports seamless.” 

Ready to learn more about this feature? Join us this Thursday on Facebook for a live Q&A session. Remember to submit your questions in advance on our forum or our Facebook post


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