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Takeaways from the 2022 AIA Conference

There’s no opportunity quite like the yearly AIA conference for the US architecture community to come together and celebrate their profession. This year’s conference was no different, with hundreds of learning sessions and vendors all with a common goal: to advance the field of architecture to meet the demands of the modern world. It can be considered as the biggest architecture event of the year, especially when you consider the list of presenters, which includes President Barack Obama and his closing session. Read on to see our takeaways from the AIA Conference on Architecture 2022. Even if you weren’t able to attend, this blog contains several resources related to one of the most popular sold-out sessions!
Sold-Out Session: “Embodied Carbon: New Measuring Tools & Strategies”
The conference provided a fantastic learning opportunity for architects who are in the process of adjusting their workflows to address the environmental footprint of their building projects. The headline session, “Embodied Carbon: New Measuring Tools & Strategies,” called attention to the AIA 2030 Commitment’s Design Data Exchange adding reporting of embodied carbon to its requirements. It’s clear that reducing embodied carbon emissions is priority for the AIA and many architects. Measuring and reporting embodied carbon is of course the first step to implementing reduction strategies. It’s a big reason why Vectorworks sponsored this sold-out course — our Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator (VECC) underscores a commitment to the course’s subject matter — and it’s a huge topic of interest for the architecture industry as it works towards producing more sustainable buildings. There are plentiful resources available for understanding the impact embodied carbon has on our environment. Be sure to check out this webinar that explores use of the Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator, as well as this blog that discusses ways to reduce embodied carbon emissions.
Tours of Chicago Architecture
It’s fitting that a conference focused on architecture be hosted in a city as architecturally rich as Chicago. What’s more, the AIA organized tours of architecturally significant buildings as well as visits to architecture firms who call Chicago home. There were dozens of tour destinations from iconic structures like the silver bean in Millennium Park to affordable and mixed-income housing across the city. What better way to celebrate Chicago architecture than by experiencing it yourself?
Showing Off Vectorworks Architect
Architecture today is faced with a variety of challenges, from reducing embodied and operational carbon emissions to adapting to new and evolving technologies and workflows. We’re confident that Vectorworks Architect provides architects with the flexibility they need to address the challenges of today. That’s why we set up a booth at the AIA conference to make our presence known. If you’re looking for more information on how Vectorworks Architect can make your workflow flourish, check out this webinar that covers the major points. Besides handing out free Vectorworks swag like t-shirts and coffee mugs, we also held a raffle to win a free Vectorworks Architect license. 🤯 Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see more opportunities to win free Vectorworks swag. All in all, we love attending the AIA conference each year — be sure to stop by our booth and say hello at the 2023 conference in San Francisco!