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Share Your Work with the World by Joining the #MadeWithVectorworks Campaign

Architects around the world are helping launch the #MadeWithVectorworks campaign to showcase their best designs. In return, they have the opportunity to raise awareness for their work and their firms. 

Join the campaign for the chance to have your work featured on our social channels and our MODUS News website. Read on for inspiration from some of our favorite #MadeWithVectorworks participants. We look forward to hearing from you!

Everyday Inspiration 


The best designs don't just pique your curiosity. They provide an environment that inspires those who inhabit that space. 

In May 2020, we showcased these contemporary park structures designed by Norbert Roztocki, founder of moveART. Roztocki showcased his use of the Marionette tool used to algorithmically repeat parts of his design to create uniformity. The time he saved using Marionette helped keep his designs consistent and produce his designs quickly.

D.C. Apartment Building

Designers everywhere aren’t just designing new homes — they’re reimagining entire lifestyles to create functional, inspiring residences. Studio Upwall Architects in Washington, D.C. used Vectorworks to dream up this stunning apartment complex proposal for a vacant site. Being part of the #MadeWithVectorworks campaign connects you to an innovative, global design community. 

Be Featured on MODUS News

MODUS News is our publication, dedicated to featuring the most inspiring and intelligent designs by Vectorworks users worldwide. The Latin phrase modus operandi describes the distinct way in which a person works. MODUS News is dedicated to presenting how each architect’s modus operandi leads to unique, exceptional work conceived and designed in Vectorworks software.

Fab Lab


Portuguese firm Spaceworkers dreamed up The Design Factory and Innovation in Paredes, Portugal. The building facilitates creativity for its community with its open design and uniquely shaped structures, which offer visitors and designers different perspectives. The inclusion of trees and asymmetrical branch-like structures infuses a sense of nature in an otherwise minimalist design. The complex and intricate nature of this project excited us so much that we simply had to include them in MODUS News

Church of Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer


Architects are using Vectorworks to put a contemporary spin on long-standing institutions. Munich-based firm Meck Architekten reimagined the modern church with its design of the Church of Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer. The towering white crown roof’s combination of sharp lines and basket-like texture weaves together the best of contemporary and traditional architecture. The overall design provides a place where churchgoers are able to convene to celebrate their traditions within a modern context. 

What now? 

Now it’s your turn to be celebrated for your superior work and inspire your fellow designers. Share your designs to be considered for upcoming social media posts and MODUS News articles. MODUS News projects are selected by a committee on an annual basis.