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September Tech Roundup: Vectorworks 2021 New Features

Another month brings another Tech Roundup. This time, with fresh new features from the newly released #Vectorworks2021 – check them out.

3D Modeling Enhancements


In Vectorworks 2021, improvements to the Push/Pull tool now support additional drawing tools like the Line tool, creating a streamlined method to split the face of a solid and manipulate the geometry. Other modeling enhancements include simplification of editing solids created with fillet, chamfer, shell solid, and more. Rather than navigating through layers of history, you can simply highlight a face or edge for direct editing and speed through your 3D modeling process.

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Project Sharing Server


Vectorworks’ versatile multi-user environment, Project Sharing, can now be accessed through a unique Project Sharing server. The Project Sharing server will help support a greater array of server configurations, creating a more reliable, collaborative environment. Plus, it’s easy to install and use.

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Check out the other new features and updates in Vectorworks 2021 and learn what they mean for your workflow.

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