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PODCAST | Environmental Sustainability

The new People Place and Nature podcast series by ND Landscape Architects seeks to raise awareness for environmental sustainability through conversations with industry leaders including designers, scientists, and researchers. It’s an effort to highlight the incredible innovations happening in this field that aren’t heard about often. It’s a topic we’re passionate about at Vectorworks. From our work developing the Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator to talking with firms on how they can use the software to make informed and sustainable decisions, being environmentally friendly is a important to us. Our dedicated HR team also has a program in place to up our recycling and reduce waste office-wide. It's why we’re thrilled to sponsor episodes of the People Place and Nature podcast. Here’s a bit of information about it as well as links to where you can listen yourself.
About the Podcast
The first season of the People Place and Nature podcast first aired in March 2022 and was teased by a short trailer.
Esteemed professionals from across the field of environmental activism host the episodes. As of this blog’s publication, here are those who have hosted episodes:
  • Merrick Denton – “Utilising Landscapes”
  • George Hassall – “Gardening for the Future”
  • Tapiwa Gavaza – “Quenching the Thirst of New Housing”
  • Daniel Stewart – “Carbon Utilisation”
  • John Little – “Designing in Complexity”
Vectorworks is proud to be sponsoring the following episodes:
  1. “Greening Our Cities”
  2. “Young Horticulturists’ View on the Climate Crisis”
  3. “Ancient Trees, Britain Before and Britain Again?”
  4. “Urban Design, Designing for People”
  5. “Conservation and Youth Engagement”
  6. “Substrates, Low Carbon Soils, and Designing in Habitats”
  7. “Carbon Capture and Utilisation”
  8. “The Challenges of Meeting the Climate Crisis”
  9. “BBC Personality/Host, Gardeners World”
  10. “Architecture and Designing for Care/Elderly Living”
  11. “PassivHaus and Sustainable Architecture”
  12. “Creating Playful Cities”
  13. “Rewilding and Bringing Back Beasts”
Listen to People Place and Nature Yourself
The podcast is available on a variety of platforms. Select the link below for your preferred listening experience: