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November Tech Roundup: Guest Tech Tips on Vectorworks 2021

For this month’s roundup, we’re bringing you tips from a well-respected Vectorworks reseller and trainer — Jonathan Reeves of Jonathan Reeves CAD. Read on for tech tips in #Vectorworks2021.

Grid Line Tool

In this video, explore the new Grid Line Tool now available in #Vectorworks2021. Gridlines are a simple yet powerful feature that will revolutionize your BIM, 2D, and 3D modeling workflows.

Sliding and Pocket Doors

This video dives into some of the BIM features of #Vectorworks 2021. Sliding and Pocket Doors include an array of new settings that offer flexibility to design large contemporary openings for your clients. Check out the new options and learn how to make the most of these new improvements for your future projects.

Enhancing Your Workspace

Improve your workspace and keyboard shortcuts to get the most from #Vectorworks2021 — or any version of Vectorworks. Learn how to specifically tailor the tools, commands, and shortcuts to your own requirements for increased productivity.

Smart Markers

#Vectorworks2021 now gives you the option to create your own drawing marker from scratch and define unique graphics. The new Smart Markers will streamline your project documentation process offering your files superior coordination between models, data, and sheet layers.