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New Case Study | Landscape Design-Build with Curbs Studio

There’s a new case study up on the Customer Showcase that you’ll want to check out, even if you’re not familiar with the landscape side of Vectorworks software. The story follows the project process of Curbs Studio, a landscape design-build firm from Massuchusetts, US. They focus on designing and building personalized residential landscapes for clients who are excited to collaborate on the project through every step of the process. The story is remarkable for many reasons, one of which is how it showcases Vectorworks’ power as a communication tool. The firm’s lead designer, Rong Rong, uses the software for nearly everything — aside from the conceptual sketches she draws on her iPad, the rest of the Curbs Studio design-build process is managed completely in Vectorworks Landmark, from schematic layouts all the way to detail drawings and VR walkthrough experiences. The way she uses Landmark for communicating planting schedules with clients and nurseries speaks both to her own cleverness and the software’s flexibility. She includes actual images of selected plants alongside the schedule and plan drawing so the client knows exactly what’s going to be planted on their property. Moreover, the plant images are color-coded by season of interest so clients can see when each plant will be in full bloom. Curbs Studio is making a name for itself through completely custom design elements. A recent project features a fire pit that Rong modeled and detailed herself in Vectorworks Landmark. The detail drawings are specific and focused enough that fabricators have no issues assembling the unique piece. As a design-build firm, Curbs Studio works with their client on every aspect throughout the process, seeking input and approval on everything so the client gets exactly what they want: the yard of their dreams. Read the full story for more information on how Curbs Studio turns their clients’ visions into remarkable residential landscapes: READ: DESIGNING AND BUILDING RESIDENTIAL OASES WITH VECTORWORKS LANDMARK