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National Veterans Memorial and Museum Designed Using Vectorworks

Allied Works Architecture, USA

This Memorial Day, just like any other, it’s important to pay your respects to those who have fought for this country. Perhaps, you could visit The National Veterans Memorial and Museum, which features stunning architecture. The project was no

minated and selected as our featured US design for the global MODUS News 9 magazine in fall of 2019.


Image credit: National Veterans Memorial and Museum | Design by Allied Works Architecture

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio raises the bar for thoughtful designs. Allied Works Architecture, known for their meaningful creations (such as Pixar Animations Studio in Brooklyn, N.Y.), was a perfect fit for this project which won an international competition to design the memorial. From early concept models, they aimed to make an “iconic civic space that tells the story of veterans,” as stated on their website.

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 12.55.24 PM

Image credit: National Veterans Memorial and Museum | Design by Allied Works Architecture

Chelsea Grassinger, principal at Allied Works, describes their vision for the structure as “lifting from the land.” Rising organically from the ground with delicately interwoven concrete bands, the design salutes the inner strength of our nation’s veterans. And the exterior isn’t the only feature crafted to honor their experience – the museum’s gallery sequence spirals inward, outlining the journey from enlistment to separation. Allied Works’ design complements the exhibit, symbolizing “the path that one would take entering the service, serving in the military, and returning from duty – it speaks to veterans coming back into civilian life,” Grassinger explained.

Vectorworks helped Allied Works move seamlessly from rigorous, ordered geometry to thorough documentation, all while coordinating across platforms with project partners such as structural engineers and landscape architects. “The ability Vectorworks has to allow one to see the graphic quality as you’re drawing resonates with the way we work,” said Grassinger. The legibility of design was critical to successful collaboration on this project.


Image credit: National Veterans Memorial and Museum | Design by Allied Works Architecture

Initially designated the Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum, the building garnered so much attention that it was expanded to a national scale. With its poignant connection back to the land, the structure offers space for contemplation and admiration. 

“The national designation elevated what we were bringing to the table,” said Grassinger. “This isn’t a war museum – it’s a museum that honors service across all battles.”

Originally appeared MODUS News 9. Be sure to check out Modus News for designs from around the world made with Vectorworks.