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The wait is over. Vectorworks 2020 is officially here — bringing powerful new features to support every step of your design process. “Data and usability are the cornerstones of this year’s product line enhancements,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “When we looked at the future of the industry and what our customers’ needs were, we kept coming back to data. Particularly data-driven insights.” “Vectorworks 2020 is centered around providing our customers with intuitive ways to use the powerful tools of our products, while also offering more practical ways to incorporate the use of data for an improved and insightful design workflow,” he continued.

Upcoming_Launch_Announcement_Blog KISS End of the Road Tour | Courtesy of SRae Productions and Steve Jennings Courtyard 33  |  Design by 5468796 Architecture Jewel Changi Airport | Courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture

Here’s a look at what’s new in our latest version:
Design with a New Perspective
Gain insights into your designs like never before with a series of intuitive new features. Integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) data with ease, enjoy a simplified Data Manager, and seamlessly modify 3D models with history-based modeling.

GIS_Improvements_2 Incorporate georeferenced imagery right into your design file. Triangle Park design courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture.

Inform your designs with data visualization, the ability to see the impact of changes while you make them in the live design environment.
Enjoy Quality Improvements
This year’s under-the-hood improvements will increase your productivity and efficiency. Streamline your workflows with improved file performance with the Vectorworks Graphics Module, giving you more responsive models and the ability to handle much larger projects.

teasertuesday-video-4-resized Experience a smoother workflow with improvements to the VGM level of detail.

Simplify Your BIM Workflows
We believe in working well with others — so we’ve enhanced project collaboration at every phase of design. Experience faster collaboration and smoother Open BIM workflows with a new ability to reference IFC files. Say goodbye to a cumbersome, manual process of reimporting IFC files from consultants who make changes.
Experience Usability Enhancements
We’ve also continued our commitment to UI/UX improvements to help you work faster and smarter — in as few clicks as possible. With our changes to section viewports, simplify your ability to create high-quality drawings directly from your BIM model. We also added the ability to directly edit list interfaces, quickly locate parameters using widget groups, and easily manage changes with a batch rename utility.

teasertuesday-video-2 You can now edit in list browsers directly, which is a substantial quality-of-life improvement.

Impress your clients with new path-based walkthrough animations, which allow you to transform camera movements into real-time animations or 360° panoramas without interrupting your workflow.
Create Unmatched Experiences
Whether you work in lighting, scenic, film, event, or exhibit design, you need a flexible, easy-to-use solution. And with new Schematic Views, detailed seating section controls, DMX patching, and a Video Camera object, you’ll amplify your ability to create unmatched experiences.

schematic views A Schematic View corresponding to its above 3D model.

The 2020 edition of Braceworks™ boasts a variety of truss improvements along with new hinge plates. It now supports calculations for attaching more than one hoist to a speaker array and attaching video screens with offsets from trusses. Vision now offers colored or monochrome heat maps to better inform your workflow. With new NDI stream support and volumetric beam improvements, you have even more power at your fingertips to previsualize and cue your shows.
See Vectorworks 2020 for yourself.