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Meet the Newest Members of the Vectorworks Leadership Team

At Vectorworks, we promise the best of the best when it comes to our software and employees, which certainly includes the great minds at the forefront of our company. As our team continues to grow, we’re proud to announce and welcome two new additions to our leadership team — Kim Theobald as Vice President, Human Resources, and Ryan Dougherty as Chief Financial Officer. Both have hit the ground running and share our vision of inspiring and empowering designers around the globe while prioritizing our company’s core values of inclusion, collaboration, balance, and innovation. We’re thrilled to have them on board and introduce them to you.
Vice President, Human Resources Kim Theobald
The Path that Led Kim to Vectorworks
Kim’s career began in higher education, working with The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY); her initial goal was to become a college professor. However, in her role with CTY, she took on many employee relations-related tasks, including recruiting and hiring and discovered her true passion. “I’ve always wanted just to help people solve problems and help to improve their performance,” Kim said. A results-oriented leader, Kim has vast experience in human resources, inter-company communications, international expansion, project management, and recruiting. Before coming on board at Vectorworks, Kim served as Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President at RCM&D, one of the top 35 independent insurance advisory firms in the United States. After working with other international organizations, she was excited to join Vectorworks’ global team and noted that “being international just adds a whole other layer of diversity to a company.”
A New Role at Vectorworks
Kim has done a “little bit of everything” in her tenure as a human resources professional and understands the vital role she plays. “When you’re the human resources leader in any organization, your role is to both work in the business but also on the business and really understand how HR can positively impact growth — both of the company and its employees,” Kim said. As Vice President, Human Resources, Kim will be responsible for the operating efficiency and strategic human resource planning necessary to provide the company with the best talent available, supporting Vectorworks’ strategic plans for future growth. Kim also hopes to expand further and connect Vectorworks’ employee network across the globe. “We’re one organization, not country-specific. The culture and experience should be the same no matter if you’re visiting our U.S. headquarters, Canada, UK, or Australia office.”
Why Vectorworks?
Vectorworks’ well-established company culture drew Kim to the role and reinforced her decision to join the team in the short time she’s been here so far. “The people here are just really smart, creative, talented, and dedicated. I’ve met a lot of long-tenured employees — having people who’ve been here for 20 plus years means you’re doing a lot of things really, really well.”
Fun Facts
When Kim’s not in the office, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading, watching the latest movies, and is an avid traveler. Her favorite travel destination is London, a city she’s been to over 100 times. Between minoring in French in college and her frequent international travels, Kim has picked up several languages and can ask for the check at a restaurant in Dutch and request an ambulance in Japanese.
Favorite Thing She’s Designed
My house. While I didn’t design the actual house itself, I got to start from scratch with the decoration and design of the interior. I love it; this is the first time I felt like my house is really my sanctuary.” 
Chief Financial Officer Ryan Dougherty
The Path that Led Ryan to Vectorworks
Ryan Dougherty, a Florida native, grew up in Dunedin, the location of the Toronto Blue Jays spring training headquarters. With the crack of the bat and roar of the crowd audible from his backyard from a young age, Ryan was always around a ball field, continuing to play baseball at the collegiate level. His aspirations started with a trajectory toward professional baseball; however, his entrepreneurial nature, a natural mind for numbers, and strong business sense paved the way for a career in finance and accounting. Ryan has over 20 years of expertise covering accounting, finance, strategic planning, corporate development, process efficiency, and risk management. Before joining our team, Ryan served several other global companies and most recently served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Legal & Risk Management for Phoenix Contact USA. He’s also held roles at Volvo and Under Armour. While his experience is broad across all areas of finance, accounting, and strategy development, his real passion is people. “What I really love is building teams, developing people and helping them to reach their full potential,” Ryan said. He always strives to bring a sense of positivity to his roles. “It’s a multiplier. I want to bring my positivity to others and then have them pass it along. If someone is happy at work, it impacts their families, friends, and communities — it spills over beyond just what we’re doing here.”
A New Role at Vectorworks
Ryan will be responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by working with the Executive Management team to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. “My goal in this role is to maintain all the great things already in place but continue to grow in our product offerings, serving the customers better every day, and enriching our staff,” he said. “It’s exciting to work for a global, world-class company with a truly world-class culture.”
Why Vectorworks?
He was drawn to take on this role at Vectorworks for various reasons, but the dedication to our customers and our employees made a powerful impression. “Not only is Vectorworks an industry leader with a great product, but it also doesn’t just stop there,” he said. “Vectorworks makes sure they are delivering the very best product and very best service possible to its clients, all while maintaining an awesome company culture.” He elaborated, “With some companies, when you talk about culture, it can just be lip service — they don’t practice what they preach. But it’s really lived here. Everyone cares about the company, the customers, and each other. There’s just a willingness to learn, share knowledge, and offer a helping hand to others.”
Fun Facts
When Ryan’s off the clock, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially exploring new places and experiences with his wife and daughters. He’s also a lifelong Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. “It got hard sometimes, but I was totally on board when Tom Brady joined. Maybe that was my reward for rooting for them for 30 years,” he joked.
Favorite Thing He’s Designed
“The thing I’ve done most is decks. With each home I’ve been in, I usually build a new deck. I have done that the old-fashioned way, drawing designs out on draft paper, so it would have been nice to have been able to use Vectorworks software to help me design!”