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To help you get through your case of the Mondays, here are some new Marionette objects specifically created in response to user comments on the Vectorworks Forum.

“We plan to release new Marionette content every six to eight weeks,” said Sarah Barrett, architect product specialist at Vectorworks, Inc. “This content is based on user wishes and will live in the Forum for now as we continue to collect feedback.”

Let’s take a look at these recent releases, and how they can enhance your drawings.

Object 1: NanaWall Door


NanaWall door Marionette symbol.

This NanaWall object simulates the WA67 Aluminum Clad Wood Folding NanaWall door — a popular architectural feature in the western part of the US. Users can set the walls to be any length, as well as set the width and height of the panel sides.

Object 2: Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift.pngScissor lift Marionette symbol.

This scissor object is meant to look automated and includes different symbols for each different part of the lift. Users can place this symbol in their drawings and set the height via a slider in the Object Info palette.

Object 3: JLG Condor Lift

JLG Condor Lift.png

 JLG Condor lift Marionette symbol.

The JLG Condor lift object is a type of articulating boom lift with seven different rotation or extension articulations. Users can place different parts of the lift as symbols in their drawings, and then set the angle for each different articulation via a slider in the Object Info palette.

Special thanks to Vectorworks Spotlight user Scott Barnes, lighting console programmer and owner of i-light design, for creating the two lift symbols that form the basis of the second and third objects featured in this post.