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The moveART design studio in Switzerland captivates with its extraordinary designs. And they develop those designs using Marionette, the fully integrated algorithmic modeling tool in Vectorworks.

Norbert Roztocki founded moveART in 2015, and since then his firm has won many awards. At first glance, his designs look like sculptures without a functional purpose, but that assessment is not even close.


The ClimbSLIDE. Image courtesy of Norbert Roztocki.

Generation-connecting Sculptures

Often, the objects he designs have several functions: you can balance, slide, climb, and relax on them. The ClimbSLIDE, moveART’s playground design that won a prestigious 2018 European Product Design Award in the "Outdoor and Exercise Equipment" category, highlights this versatility.

Usually playgrounds are reserved for certain age groups, from small children to schoolchildren or adolescents to seniors. As the jury explained in its assessment of the project: "moveART is multifunctional and creates social connections between generations. As playground equipment, seating, and [an] art object, moveART fulfills the needs of all age categories.”


Image courtesy of Norbert Roztocki.


Creating Award-winning Designs with Marionette

The résumé of the designer is as diverse and unusual as his sculptures. Born in Krakow, Poland, Roztocki studied cultural anthropology, philosophy, and religious studies and worked as a photographer, filmmaker, sculptor, designer, and coach. Today, he lives with his family near Basel, Switzerland.

To design the complex sculptures, Roztocki uses graphical scripting with Marionette. He created a script that defined the whole sculpture from two drawn NURBS curves. The script automatically created all of the remaining drawing elements. This made it very easy to vary and develop the designs.

What’s next for Roztocki and moveART? The firm has already been nominated for another award, the German Design Award 2019.


Image courtesy of Norbert Roztocki.



Image courtesy of Norbert Roztocki.



Image courtesy of Norbert Roztocki.


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