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KBNK Architects: Open BIM in Action

BIM is one of the ways architects, landscape architects, and other AEC professionals realize their visions — with accurate and data-rich models. These models offer greater coordination, bringing in the expertise of everyone involved in the project.

KBNK Architects from Hamburg, Germany exemplify the BIM practice with exceedingly complex design projects. They delivered a BIM project for the first time in 2014 with the SonninPark residential complex, which consisted of remodeling 5 nine-story buildings that border a luscious courtyard — for KBNK, the ability to collaborate with other stakeholders would prove essential, considering how the sheer size of the project required meticulous coordination between engineers, contractors, etc.

Using Open BIM in the construction documentation phase allowed KBNK Architects to design the SonninPark, pictured below.

00-Vis-Sonninpark-Birdview_Copyright MOKA STUDIOSonninPark | Visualization courtesy of KBNK Architects and MOKA Studio

“We rely on BIM because we know that we have to position ourselves well now, so that in 5 or 10 years, we’ll actually be ahead instead of lagging behind,” explained Frank Birwe, managing director at KBNK Architects.

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