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July Tech Roundup: Switching from SketchUp, Rhino, and Grasshopper

Did you recently switch to Vectorworks from another software and are now wondering where to begin? Look no further. Check out these in-depth courses from Vectorworks University for the best places to start your new workflow journey and to see the benefits now that you've switched.

Switching from SketchUp and Rhino

If you previously used SketchUp, this tutorial will walk you through creating a massing model using the various solid modeling tools in combination with the 2D shapes available in Vectorworks.

When creating a 3D model, there is always more than one way to achieve the same result, however, this tutorial will show you a recommended path so you can understand behaviors specific to the tools and commands.


Switching From Sketchup? Get Started

Similarly, with Rhino, once you finish this course, you’ll have a better understanding of the BIM and 3D modeling capabilities available to you. You’ll see how using one program — for both modeling and documenting your projects — saves time, reduces errors, and increases productivity.

Also, get a first-hand look at the benefits of switching from Rhino that include editing parametrically, viewports, intelligent objects, and more.


Switching From Rhino? Get Started

Switching from Grasshopper

Many architects use Grasshopper to build parametric geometry. In this tutorial, get to know Marionette — the graphical-scripting feature that is fully integrated with Vectorworks. Learn the advantages of using Marionette as a graphical scripting tool including:

  • Native interface.
  • Creating plug-in objects.
  • Creating menu commands.
  • Analysis capabilities.
  • Python scripting.

Want to learn more about Marionette? Check out our Marionette Monday blog series.


Switching From Grasshopper? Get Started

Through these courses, you’ll discover how using freeform modeling combined with a full range of 3D modeling and BIM tools in Vectorworks gives you endless possibilities.

Making the move takes a leap of faith and with these courses, you’re equipped to be successful, productive, and efficient when it comes to your workflow.

Looking for more tech tips and training? Head on over to Vectorworks University.

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