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We gave you an exclusive look at the 2018 Vectorworks Design Summit and now it’s here —  Vectorworks University, the new centralized training platform and the main repository for all training resources, webinars, tech tips, and more.

START YOUR LEARNING We’ve always provided helpful training content such as our Getting Started Guides, webinars, YouTube channel and of course, Planet Vectorworks. Now we’re taking things one step further to ensure users have the opportunity to learn, navigate, and excel in our software in one place. Online classes, tutorials, and webinars on topics such as BIM, site modeling, and entertainment design are now available at all skill levels.

“Vectorworks University is a tremendous new learning platform that demonstrates our commitment to our customers’ education,” said Vectorworks Customer Success Director Juan Almansa. “From new customers seeking to learn our software for the first time all the way to seasoned experts, they’ll be able to master their skills in a centralized, self-paced, and efficient way.” Vectorworks University Featured But it doesn’t end there. Vectorworks University currently has over 110 hours of training and 200 pieces of content available. And soon, there will be localized content, multilingual support, learning paths, and a certification program, where you can help new employees learn the software for the first time. “When we’re onboarding employees new to Vectorworks software, or who need to practice their skills, we now have somewhere to send them,” said Christiaan Briggs, senior technician at Yurky Cross Chartered Architects.
So what are you waiting for? Get started at Vectorworks University today! 
Vectorworks Service Select subscribers and Vectorworks Cloud Services can use their existing accounts to access the platform. Vectorworks Service Select members can also access exclusive training content such as our full core concept courses.