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Innovative Wooden Architecture in North America

Wood probably doesn’t jump to the front of your mind when you think of innovative design materials. However, there are many products — Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), for example — pushing the boundaries of sustainable and hybrid construction.

One firm leading this lumber-centric renaissance is LEVER Architecture.

Thomas Robinson, a Vectorworks user, is a founder of LEVER Architecture. LEVER is based in Portland, Oregon and primarily does projects in the Pacific Northwest. With their pioneering CLT and mass timber designs, the firm has attracted numerous, high-profile clients. LEVER is also responsible for more than $1M in researching aiming to develop and test wood-building assemblies.


Image courtesy of Jeremy Bittermann / JBSA

Robinson presented a webinar on the future of wood design innovation in the United States. The webinar was put on by the Architectural Record Continuing Education Center in conjunction with Vectorworks.

The presentation focuses on the issues and innovations that will shape the next decade of mass timber design. And, when you attend the webinar, you are eligible for AIA LU/HSW and additional credits.


Image courtesy of Jeremy Bittermann / JBSA

Highlighting Timber Designs

During the webinar you will see some of LEVER’s incredible work, in which they showcase the possibilities of CLT and reclaimed wood. Some of the projects Robinson will proudly discuss include:

  • Redfox Commons
  • Oregon Conservation Center
  • Adidas North America Headquarters
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
Benefits of Wood Innovation

While watching the presentation, you will also learn about the benefits of innovative timber materials and processes. According to Robinson, materials like CLT and reclaimed wood can make your next project more equitable, efficient, and sustainable.


Image courtesy of Jeremy Bittermann / JBSA

All this to say that Robinson places a high degree of importance into the specific materials he chooses as well as how he uses them. In fact, Robinson says, “Successful projects are the ones that think about the big picture.” We couldn’t agree more.


Image courtesy of Jeremy Bittermann / JBSA

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