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How Live Legends Created a COVID-Friendly Experience in 4 Steps

*This article originally appeared on Design Express’ website.

Live Legends is a global player in creating legendary live experiences bringing creative ideas to life from inspiring content and leading technology. Like many other events, COVID-19 put a break on this and paralyzed the entire event sector. However, Live Legends did not give up and thus created LIVE @ HOME — an energetic setting designed to easily keep connecting brands with their audience safely.

For over four years, Live Legends has been creating shows in all their facets. In addition to conferences, corporate events, concerts, and e-sports, they also set up complete award-winning clubs such as Club One Third Beijing. How do they do this? By getting the most out of every situation and using Vectorworks Spotlight efficiently for every project.

During these times of social distancing, people need to stay connected. With that in mind, the Live Legends team set out to work. Live Legends Light Operator Bas Knappers stated they are making the most of their free time by thoroughly studying the possibilities of their software packages, including Vectorworks Spotlight. “The result is a virtual world for the event industry.”

STEP 1: Create a Technical Drawing

To create this experience, the team created a technical drawing in Vectorworks Spotlight along with the DMX patch. Knapper explains that they can go in two ways from Vectorworks. “On the one hand you have the possible exchange between Vectorworks and Depence² via MVR. On the other hand, it is also possible to export and import the correct files via MVR or the MA Vectorworks Spotlight plugin into grandMA3 and/or grandMA2 respectively .” 

STEP 2: Know Your Space

“As a basis, first sketches, a mood, a style are determined.” In addition, the Live Legends team wants to know what the space they are working with looks like. “We do that with Vectorworks,” said Serge Patist, senior light designer at Live Legends.

STEP 3: Set Up Your Model for Design

“With Vectorworks you can perfectly draw a 2D and 3D model. Since we have built up a lot of knowledge for 3D in Cinema 4D from the past, we have used this workflow. In Cinema 4D we set up the 3D model to start designing. Once that's defined, we'll make an export from Cinema 4D and continue in Vectorworks to make it technically correct. That is, double-check light, audio, video and dimensions.” 

STEP 4: Update Your File and Make Renders

When the design is ready, they update the Cinema 4D file and make renders. Once the design has been approved, they continue working on the lighting to address the fixtures. Finally, they are able to link Depence2—a unique application that combines the design and visualization process with the potential to master the real show­ with MA Lighting. 



Turning compelling stories into legendary live experiences requires the right software to bring unique ideas to fruition and Live Legends counts on the combination of Vectorworks Spotlight and Depence² for this. “Our goal? Always getting the most out of every situation. That is why we always go a step further to surprise the customer,” says Patist. This application comes in handy as show design becomes increasingly complex using different varieties, elements, and media. 


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