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February Tech Roundup and Webinars: Learn from Industry Experts

Our February tech roundup has tips from industry and training experts on getting the most out of your workflow, along with a recap of this month’s exciting webinars.

Configure a PDF’s Export Range

Ever get frustrated when the amazing project you’re exporting as a PDF just doesn’t look right?  In this tutorial, Dylan Rinker, senior technical support specialist, walks you through how to fix this issue by configuring the export range when making a PDF.  

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Adjust Interactive Scaling Mode

Another tutorial from professional problem-solver Dylan Rinker addresses questions around why objects may be scaling with the Selection tool or vice versa. In this short clip, Rinker will teach you how to adjust what interactive scaling mode you’re on when using the Selection tool.

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Webinar: Algorithmic Design in BIM Software

In this webinar, we go over some basics of algorithmic modeling, give examples of scripts that you can build in BIM software, and look at some real-world algorithmic modeling success stories.

Learning Goals:

  • Identify the multiple benefits of using algorithmic modeling within a design and BIM software.
  • Describe how algorithmic modeling can be used to create multiple iterations and increase time efficiency within the design process.
  • Demonstrate how algorithmic modeling can beused to analyze data and optimize designs.
  • Discover how designers are currently using algorithmic modeling in their designs.


Webinar: When It HAS to Be BIM

Join Todd McCurdy, FASLA, to explore an example project in which workflows using BIM software were used throughout the design process. Todd will share how crucial IFC exchanges are when each participant is using a different BIM solution, and how easily these files can be shared among team members to guide design direction with project stakeholders.

Learning Goals:

  • Gain an understanding in how file ‘set up’ within BIM will be key to a project’s success.
  • Discover efficiencies gained in creating custom hybrid (2D/3D) BIM objects, such as plants.
  • Learn how importing the architect’s BIM model benefits the design process with needed context.
  • Explore ways to share the landscape file back into the BIM collaboration system.


Webinar: The Benefits of Moving to 3D for Set Design

Join David Farley, associate designer, as he goes through real-world examples of how

moving from a 2D workflow to a 3D workflow has helped him overcome these challenges and enhance his set designs.

Learning Goals:

  • Enhance communication with project stakeholders by producinguseful visuals.
  • Create sight lines to ensure optimal viewing for all audience members.
  • Experience an easier revision process than standard 2D design, making turnaround times faster.


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