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Happy holidays and season’s greetings from all of us at Vectorworks! It’s almost the end of the month, and that means it’s time for another tech roundup. We hope these continue to help improve your workflow and enhance your knowledge of our software.

The Efficiency of 3D Modeling with Vectorworks Software:

This three-minute video demonstrates the 3D modeling tools of Vectorworks as compared to SketchUp:



Vision Service Pack 2:

A good thing that just keeps getting better! Here are the improvements made for Vision 2018 Service Pack 2:

  • Improved workflow and support for capture cards
    • Now supports multiple capture cards in a single scene
    • Supports more pixel formats on osX and PC
    • Provides ability to crop a capture input into multiple capture sources
    • Provides ability to reset capture textures on the fly
  • Improved DMX Transforms
    • Improved DMX Transform workflow
    • You can now transform mesh shapes and fixtures in addition to ESC files
      • Now, lights can move along with the truss; this allows lighting designers to mock up shows that have moving trusses
  • Improved Scene Organization
    • Mesh shapes were always organized by the scene file layers, but fixtures always ended up in the ROOT Layer; now, fixtures are grouped by their scene file layer as well, so you can organize fixtures through scene file layers
  • Provides ability to control mesh shape brightness via the Properties palette
  • Provides ability to flag fixtures as “Emissive” for bloom effect and performance improvements


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Title Block Videos:

We’ve added more tips to our series of title block videos: