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December Tech Roundup: 2020’s Best Tech Tips

Every month, we give you a roundup of our latest and greatest tech tips. As we close out another year, here’s a look back at our best roundups in 2020.

Ebooks for Efficiency

2020 tech tips started off with two new ebooks structured to boost your workflow. The CAD Manager’s Guide helps BIM managers easily convert, organize, and manage existing resources when switching from AutoCAD.

For various levels of detail, 2D Components for Hybrid Objects allows you to create 2D graphics for your 3D symbols and plug-in objects (PIOs) to easily present these objects for all the standard views.

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ConnectCAD 2020 for Beginners

In February, two courses were added to help get started with ConnectCAD. One focused on Duplicate-Modify which is one of ConnectCAD’s most important workflows allowing you to repeat patterns to speed up drawings. The other course teaches you how to add graphics to equipment front panels, so you can easily do connector panels in similar ways.


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Collaborate Successfully

In April, we introduced a new DWG file format collaboration ebook to help improve BIM workflows. This ebook gives helpful tips for importing, referencing, and exporting DWG file formats for successful collaboration with consultants.


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Vectorworks 2021

September brought the release of #Vectorworks2021 and a first-hand collection of tech tips on some of its top features — 3D modeling enhancements that will help speed through your 3D modeling process, and the Project Sharing server, which will help support a greater array of server configuration. Plus, it’s easy to install and use.


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Vectorworks 2021 Customizable Features

Version 2021 also included customizable features. The Smart Options Display allows you to stay in the modeling space with tools right at the tip of your cursor, resulting in fewer mouse clicks. You also have the ability to detach tabs from palettes and either dock them or let them float with detachable tab palettes.


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Still looking to up your expertise and skills? Head over to Vectorworks University, your one-stop shop for tech tips, tutorials, guides, and more.

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