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Create Dynamic Stages with This Downloadable Object

This Marionette Monday, we’re sharing a path-based stage object.
Posed as an alternative to the Create Stage command, the path-based stage object allows you to make a stage from any shape you want. It’s highly customizable, which means you can choose symbol-based profiles for the frame, bracing, and legs.
The look of the stage is entirely up to you you can either edit the existing symbols to achieve your desired shape or create your own library of symbols to use.
Save your symbols in the Resource Manager and mix-and-match them for nearly endless possibilities. You can create stages for even the most unique projects without worrying about limitations from the Stage tool.
The object itself is simple to use to encourage users to make their own adaptations to each stage design. You won’t get stuck in the learning phase with this one.Get the file and share what you create in our Community Forum:
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