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Australian Expansion: Previewing Vectorworks’ Latest Acquisition

Vectorworks Inc. bolsters existing opportunities around the world to develop the brand and continually influence the next generation of design. The recent acquisition of longtime distributor OzCAD Pty Limited demonstrates this mindset and provides a valuable means to provide additional service to the Asia-Pacific region.

With dedicated technical support, strong sales infrastructure and exceptional customer service, the new Australian office will be an important part of the Vectorworks team for many years to come.

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Vectorworks’ Australia office is located in Sydney and will be overseen by Annabel Carr, the former OzCAD manager.

Here’s what Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar says on the latest acquisition:

“Advancing our existing presence in Australia by opening a new office will allow us to better serve our growing customer base in the Asia-Pacific and beyond. The OzCAD team has not only provided significant contributions to the development of this market over the past 20 years, but also delivered top-quality support and service to Vectorworks customers. I look forward to our continued success and expansion in Australia with this experienced and passionate team.”

Continued Global Expansion

For Vectorworks users, it is important that the product is localized for their specific needs, which vary greatly across the world. Demonstrating the pride we take in ensuring the expansion of our product, Vectorworks continues to help designers capture ideas, nurture innovation and communicate effectively to carry out their creative visions.

As former owner of OzCAD and now Director of Australian Technical Operations, Julian Carr shared his thoughts on working directly with Vectorworks during this transition:

“We are thrilled to join the Vectorworks, Inc. team. Having worked closely with our U.S. colleagues for many years, we are honored to unite in delivering world-class software to Australian designers. In choosing to invest in Australia, Vectorworks, Inc. communicates a clear message about the strength of the Australian market, where Vectorworks serves a diverse spectrum of design industries. Empowered by the resources of the Vectorworks headquarters, we will continue to serve and grow our Australian customer base with local expertise, support, and customizations.”

For more information about Vectorworks and its new partnership, head over to For any questions on our Vectorworks Australian office, check out our FAQ guide for more information.