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The 2018 Vectorworks Design Summit is quickly approaching, and we want you to get just as excited as we are! So, here’s a sneak peek at some of the architecture-specific sessions that will be held in Phoenix this November.


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Erik Fjermestad and Ida Ruth Mathiesen, GASA


Stripped: Vectorworks at its Most Minimalistic

Erik Fjermestad and Ida Ruth Mathiesen

Faced with complex design processes with a growing number of rules and regulations, the architects at GASA, one of Norway's leading firms for sustainable architecture, believe it’s important to stay focused on the core of their profession: designing inspiring and well-functioning environments for everyday life. Find out how the team at GASA creates simple and robust concepts with as few elements as possible.


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François Lvy, Lévy Kohlhaas Architecture


Climate as a Design Formgiver

François Lévy

Climate plays an important role in the performance of all buildings, especially small or thin ones. When designers have access to solid, quantitative data, new opportunities for designing with climate become available. This session, with François Lévy of Lévy Kohlhaas Architecture, will explore the benefits of using BIM for designing architectural projects whose response to climate is expressed in their forms.


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Luc Lefebvre, Vectorworks, Inc.


Space: The Final Frontier

Luc Lefebvre

The space object can do a lot more than just create a room label. In this hands-on training, Vectorworks Architect Product Specialist Luc Lefebvre will demonstrate all the cool things you can do with this object. Attendees will learn how to create programming diagrams and space planning tools, and how the space object is used in a design and BIM workflow from LOD 100 to LOD 300.


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Joseph Marshall and Brian Hores, Flansburgh Architects


Teamwork Framework

Brian Hores and Joseph Marshall

In this session, with Brian Hores and Joseph Marshall from Flansburgh Architects, attendees will obtain an understanding of the key elements that were involved in creating the file structure of templates and resources and gain insight into how this process can be adapted to meet their individual needs.


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Jonathan Reeves, Jonathan Reeves Architecture


Using Smart Parametric Objects in BIM

Jonathan Reeves

In this course, Jonathan Reeves, director of Jonathan Reeves Architects, will cover the main parametric building objects in Vectorworks Architect and how styles of these objects can be used for better change management.

You can learn more about the speakers and sessions here

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