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Sooner Routhier and Robert Long, the owners of full-service design and production company SRae Productions, designed the lighting for The Weeknd’s “Starboy: Legend of the Fall” 2017 world tour.

The Live Design Award-winning SRae Productions has worked with The Weeknd since 2012, when they were hired for the lighting design of his first show in Montreal, and have watched his career grow every step of the way. “There was something really magical about watching him grow to what he is now,” Routhier said in a Billboard magazine article about the tour.


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When Routhier was given the opportunity to design the lighting to complement LaMar Taylor’s creative vision and Es Devlin’s scenic design for the tour, she jumped at the chance. For the Starboy tour, their mission was to light the stage in coordination with his dynamic music, while also heightening the audiences’ overall experience. To accomplish this, they wanted to keep the lighting cues simple.

The combination of MA Lighting consoles, Robe BMFL, Robe Spikie, Clay Paky Mythos, VDO Sceptrons, and the use of Vectorworks Spotlight allowed Routhier and Long to create an electric edge on stage.

“Robert and I really wanted to make sure we accented the beautiful lines in the amazing flying sculpture that Es Devlin created,” said Routhier. “Vectorworks allowed us to revolve around the model and view the project as a whole from every angle. It was important to us that everyone in the arena got an incredible visual show.”  

In the end, they successfully lit up Devlin’s starship origami structure, bringing The Weeknd’s world tour to life.

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