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5 Ways Students Can Maximize Their Vectorworks Experience

With summer vacation wrapping up and in-person instruction from schools around the world set to commence once again, students with varying types of experience can acquire knowledge through Vectorworks software.

As a recent college graduate, I know firsthand how important additional skills and accomplishments on your resume can help you stand out for potential jobs and internships down the line. With the several tools that Vectorworks offers to help students, it is advantageous for you to be aware of the program’s benefits heading into the fall.

Extensive Post-Covid Content

You deserve the very best learning materials, especially coming out of a global pandemic. With this in mind, as a student you have access to a surplus of content that is usually only accessible through a paid subscription, making it available for all students to explore. That’s what I call value!

You can continue your learning with the following:

  • Free webinars
  • Free Vectorworks Service Select content
  • Advanced tutorials
  • Licensing and more

With this extra content made readily available for you to dive into, the opportunities for various personalized learning experiences and the potential within them are endless. Take advantage of new content posted weekly to expand your knowledge.


Vectorworks Certifications

Now that more companies are opening up in-person and veteran employers looking for new hires, it’s imperative to find resources and opportunities to help boost your resume to propel yourself into future employment. The Vectorworks certifications provide validation of your skills for future advancement of your career and the ability to stand out.

170+ courses of content will aid your resume, provide a deeper understanding of the technological design field, expand your knowledge with a universal skillset, and set the groundwork for your future. These certifications support the core functionality of the company and passing these certifications allows for broader knowledge on a constantly evolving platform and industry.

Check out our certifications page

Free Information and Licensing

As a student, you can take advantage of our continually updated content and free, vital information that serves as a springboard for career development.

While you are not limited to a certain field, the transition from the training info to the actual software is a smooth transition that students can get the hang of rather quickly.

The program provides a truly unique, user-oriented learning experience without the feeling of being forced into a certain category or need to purchase further help. Students have the ability to fine-tune workflows and get a deeper understanding of the software.

Building a Vectorworks Account

Signing up for your own Vectorworks account is an easy step and you will benefit from the many learning opportunities, however, creating an account can be a valuable decision. With an account, Vectorworks serves as a permanent home for building a transcript of all the completed elements of the program.

Not only is it helpful for organization and building knowledge, but the transcript generated upon creating an account can be relayed or shared with employers to demonstrate the completion of different certifications, tutorials, webinars, and many other pieces of content.

Connecting back to the importance of standing out, a Vectorworks account can be maintained throughout your college experience and eventually amplify yourself as a candidate.

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Easy-to-comprehend Training

Beginner courses and certifications can be stressful for students, but the various learning experiences are framed to minimize headaches and frustrations through a step-by-step learning experience for all types of students.

With the established introductory information presented, getting started with the software and understanding the main takeaways through quick info allows for a more successful learning experience. Offering an inclusive and welcoming start for you to become more informed and more comfortable with the technology is highly obtainable with the various training opportunities.

Personally, I agree that the ability to bolster a resume, take initiative on new learning experiences, and potential certifications, are all opportunities with Vectorworks that can produce beneficial results in the future.  

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