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3 Reasons Why You Need this Real-Time Rendering Webinar

By Michael Brightman, Assoc. AIA, M.Arch, founder of Brightman Designs

By now, you’ve likely heard about last week’s announcement regarding Lumion’s LiveSync plug-in that’s available in Vectorworks. I’ve used Lumion — a popular real-time rendering application — for six years, and I’m a trainer by trade. On Thursday, April 11 at 2 p.m. ET, I’ll join Vectorworks Product Marketing Specialist Tony Kostreski PLA ASLA, for a webinar you won’t want to miss.


Because this is your chance to be one of the first to see and learn about all the new features and time savers that have been built into the Lumion plug-in.

Reason 1: Get Revved Up About New Rendering Capabilities

The number one reason to attend this webinar is to see the latest and coolest thing in rendering. You’ll learn how to easily manage design changes and quickly complete your work, and still provide stunning presentations to clients.


Reason 2: With Lumion You’ll be on Easy Street, Promise

As part of this webinar, I’m going to show how easy it is to do the Lumion LiveSync with Vectorworks. I’ll be demonstrating with Tony, someone recently unfamiliar with using Lumion as a tool, and who’s now a pro. With my coaching, you’ll feel confident that you can simply push a button to drop your Vectorworks model into Lumion for a new way to visualize your project.

For an exclusive preview of the new technology, watch this video below.

Reason 3: Score Tips and Tricks

What’s a webinar without learning some highly coveted tips? In addition to getting great ideas for how to prepare a Vectorworks project to use in Lumion, I’ll walk you through new options in visualization styles that LiveSync enables for use in presentations. You’ll leave the webinar with savvy understanding of quickly creating stills, animations, virtual tours, and more.

Final Thoughts

My best advice for success is to invest in the tools and training that you need, and it will pay off tenfold down the road. Lumion LiveSync with Vectorworks is that tool. All you need is to join me for an hour of your day and take advantage of this free webinar. You won’t regret it.

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*Currently, Lumion and the LiveSync plug-in are available on the PC (Windows), and the plug-in is available for English, Dutch, Japanese, and German language users on the Lumion website.

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Michael Brightman earned a bachelor’s degree in Science and a master’s degree in Architecture from Kent State University in Ohio. He founded Denver-based Brightman Designs in 2013. At Brightman Designs, Michael’s goal is to provide his customers with core support services based on real-world design expertise, advanced visualization resources, and collaborative training. Learn more at