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2021 Pritzker Prize Goes to Paris Architect Duo Lacaton & Vassal

Anne Lacaton and Jean-Phillippe Vassal together comprise the namesake of French architecture firm Lacaton & Vassal. The firm has won the 2021 Pritzker Prize award, regarded as the highest honor in the architecture profession. We extend huge congratulations for achieving this distinction.


Transformation of the G, H, & I buildings for a 530-unit social housing scheme in Grand Parc (with Frédérick Druot & Christophe Hutin). Photo courtesy of Philippe Ruault.

From some of their earlier projects — such as the Maison Latapie, the European Institute of Human Sciences in Saint-Denis, and the Architecture School in Nantes — Lacaton & Vassal has invariably left its mark on the architecture world. Their core values of sustainability, well-being, and social responsibility shine through in each project. With particular attention and respect to the existing environment, Lacaton & Vassal believe that buildings are only beautiful when people feel good there. It’s no surprise they’ve won the distinction with such an approach.

Be sure to look at the Lacaton & Vassal website for more information on their projects and their unique design philosophy.