Calendar + Event Label

The Calendar and Event Label plug-in objects enable you to easily add to your drawings a fully customizable calendar (or time scale) and include event label objects as text blocks.  To create the calendar, simply draw a square, set a starting date, and the duration. You can also format the calendar to view (or not view) in days, weeks, months, and years.  Each of the elements have their own class and graphical attribute.

The event Label object provides two customizable text lines, a label, title and note block made of three concatenated text fields. Your text can be formatted by font size and position. Also, the text label can be rotated and have its own class.

The Calendar + Event Label plug-in objects are available for English, French and German localized versions of Vectorworks software.

Calendar + Event Label

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2015 2014

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