Audio ToolSet 2

Audio ToolSet 2 is a suite of tools used to create simple Hybrid models of loudspeakers and flown, ground-stacked, or tripod-mounted line arrays.  While they are not meant to replace high-end sonic analysis software, these flexible tools are great for things like:

• Checking basic audio coverage.

• Creating audio system layout drawings.

• Defining general space requirements.

• Visualizing audio components for projects.

 The tools feature:

• Elements are easily created and changed on-the-fly - and then saved in a library for later retrieval.

• Relevant information; like loudspeaker model, weight (in kg and U.S. lb), purpose, drive line, trim height, and tilt angle; is easily tracked for use in Reports and Worksheets and on drawings.

• Multiple dispersion areas for the visualization of different frequency ranges, key frequencies, crossover points, or db drop-offs can be displayed.

• Loudspeakers can be "flipped" to "side-ways" orientations.

• Array can contain multiple loudspeaker types with independent mounting angles.

•  Arrays can be created with and without bumpers - with the option of creating non-rectangular bumpers.  Arrays can include multiple (transitional and pull-back) bumpers in addition to the "Parent"/"Master" bumpers.

•  Guides marking potential insertion points for hoist Symbols and Plug-In Objects can be shown.



Audio ToolSet 2

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015

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